At House of Hopstock we love to look to nature for our inspiration, especially to kooky creatures who seem to be playing dress-up every day.

Bright colours and intricate patterns make us giddy with delight, and this bold and playful print was inspired by aposematism, the term used to describe the warning signal some animals and plants use to keep predators at bay, in which they evolve bright colourings to imply their toxicity.

We were specifically fond of aposematism in poison dart frogs and insects, and although we should probably be repelled by them, we feel them to be fantastically beautiful and deliciously attractive, which is why we have made a play on words of the famous Glen Close film, and called it Fatal Attraction.

The concept of being attracted to what isn’t necessarily good for us (in this case fatal…) is a familiar idea to many of us, but with our statement print you are safe to explore your attractions freely! Drinking tea out of a poison dart frog cup seems rebelliously decadent to us.