A Whole New World

Dearest Lovelies,

As many of you have seen in my recent VIP Club letter, struggles have been had, challenges are still being faced, and changes might be afoot, but HoH continues and will continue, and colour and joy will remain 🙂

Below is the recent sendout of my personal musings, for you all to read, should you wish.

My personal 2019-2020 recap…..


I’m not sure exactly how to put the past six months into comprehensive thoughts, but I will try. For myself, and HoH, 2019 ended with a fabulous stint at a pop-up shop in Marylebone in London,  the production of wallpaper,  a quiet London Xmas, the imminent launch of teapots and creamers, and a general feeling of hopefulness and excitement about the year to come. January was fairly quiet, we went on holiday to Thailand in February, just as the virus was starting to gain a global foothold. Then, suddenly, all my subsequent trips and plans were cancelled, as would yours have been, and production and design continued with a level of uncertainty but a ‘lets continue as normal for as long as we can’ attitude. Then, come mid march, after much faffing about from the UK, we went into lockdown. Business dried up. And here we still are. And I miss the world. I miss my family and friends overseas. I miss ‘life’.


But that doesn’t mean that I have stopped creating. I have thankfully had a great burst of excitement in terms of illustration, my first and truest love, and have been fortunate to be able to spend some proper time updating my portfolio and explore new work. I even designed the cover for an incredible new novel by Koushik Banerjea, called Another Kind of Concrete, which you can see, and buy, here.

You can see more of my illustration work over at www.aasehopstock.com 

I have launched the above-mentioned wallpapers, teapots and creamers, and for those bored and with kids still at home – free colouring in sheets (available here). And this week -FANFARE- I launched a print I have been working on since before Xmas, as it is comprised of 26 individual intricate illustrations, the one and only ABC Menagerie!

illustrated animal alphabet abc giclee art print aase hopstock

ABC Menagerie is a fabulous illustrated animal alphabet, in a size A3 print in four colours, all limited edition Giclee prints, perfect for a child’s bedroom, and dare I say any wall in the house. All above-mentioned products are available here

And last but not least, there is FREE SHIPPING on everything, as well as 20% off all products using the code hoh20, until end of June 🙂


Like you, I’m not sure what the future holds. All I know is that I will try to keep HoH going. I will definitely keep on illustrating. I will seek more collaborations. I will make more art prints. I will try to complete some interior projects. I might even create a book. What I do know is that there will be changes afoot. I will need to scale back on collections, and definitely on the amount of products I offer. I will try to get your input on this via Facebook and Instagram, before I cull anything, to see what you all like the best. In all honesty I’m not too sad or upset. If this time has provided anything positive, it is the sense of being grateful for what I have and am able to do. And scaling back isn’t the worst thing in the world. As long as I can create beauty, in whatever shape or form that may be, I will be content.


You can all help by supporting me and HoH on social media, liking, commenting on, and sharing our posts, and generally spreading the word as awareness is key these days. If you can, buy something for yourself or a friend, every little helps as HoH is not eligible for any financial support other than loans. Most of all, creating your own posts on social media with your own HoH products (and tagging HoH!!) is the thing that would cheer me up the most, reminding me that my art is out there, spreading joy in your everyday lives, shining on despite our current surreal existence.

Much love to you all, thank you for all your support, and let us all keep in touch.

xx Aase