My Road towards Increased Sustainability :-)

Dearest lovelies,

 As some of you know I have been thinking about how to restructure HoH in order to make it more sustainable, in every sense. One step is to curate my products in such a way that I offer better but less, and therefore make the business economically more sustainable. Another step is to move towards creating products that are much more environmentally friendly as well as increasingly cruelty free. Below are some of the steps I will be taking later this year:




Whatever I produce, it will have an impact in some way. I am just more conscious of wanting that impact to be as gentle as possible. It is a tricky balance, in terms of CO2 emissions, water usage, waste management and direct pollution, animal friendliness, renewable sources, as well as working conditions. 

Based on personal choices around environmental impact and animal welfare it makes more and more sense to me to move towards using materials that are more planet-friendly, as well as cruelty free. Crucially, the products will still be of high quality, look gorgeous, and bring you joy.

I will be able to introduce vegan china mugs before Xmas, and an influx of eco/organic cottons as well as luxury man-made fibres that have a large recycled content, some that look and feel like silk 🙂

I hope you will support me through this new chapter, more news to come in terms of exactly what the new curation process will result in.


An important part of this new journey is to collaborate more with likeminded women who have set up fabulous independent brands offering products I am unable to produce. I have been lucky enough to start that process by teaming up with the beautiful and thoughtful brand that is Skin Alchemists, founded by Theresa Edward, who comes from family full of herbalists. Her utterly gorgeous concoctions really must be experienced, it is pure goodness and kindness and indulgence. 

There are currently three lovely bundles available online, at prices WELL below their full retail value,  with face and cleansing oils, moisturising soap, cocoa scrub and a two-in-one candle intensive skin treatment. 

Much love as always