House of Hopstock is a London based luxury homewares and fashion accessories brand focusing on bold aesthetics, based around the prints of Norwegian born illustrator and designer Aase Hopstock. Each product focuses on telling a story, from the decorative print itself, through to our sustainable UK based production process. From precious fine bone china with 22ct gold details, organic kitchen textiles, to our cushions with British-woven velvet, each item has an element of beauty, craft and longevity to it.

Our founder and creative director Aase Hopstock has been obsessed with form, texture, glamour, beauty and aesthetics, and not to mention a neatly sharpened set of pencils, since she can remember. Having told aesthetic tales through stage costumes, her own footwear brand, as well as numerous fashion illustrations for various publications, she soon developed a great interest in the stories and philosophies that drive people’s personal sense of style. The next logical step in her design journey was to inject some of these stories, philosophies, and even people and characters, into her illustrated prints, and into sumptuous items you can surround yourself with.

All the prints created for House of Hopstock are based on a story or on a curious theme, be it fact or fiction. Aside from being beautiful in a purely aesthetic sense, our prints take on another dimension when you start to learn about the inspiration behind them, and this will hopefully add to the pleasure you find in them. Each print is made with an intention of permanence. This is why we will not flood the site with new prints and products every few months. A new print and its collection of products takes time to think through, to create, and to develop, and we want to make sure we get it right before we introduce it to you. You can read more about each print on our ‘Collections’ page.

At House of Hopstock we are just as proud of adding aesthetic beauty to your life as we are of being transparent about our process, and we strive to make a sustainable and ethical product. All our items are printed/decorated/stitched in the UK by people who enjoy a safe and supportive work environment as well as decent pay and financial security support. We enjoy close and personal relationships with all our suppliers and we are adamant to make a stand for a natural pace of design and production, as well as a responsible supply chain. Unfortunately, when you really break it down to the last detail, fibre, and thread, it is almost impossible to keep  supply chain 100% local, but you can read more about how each of our products are made, including the sourcing of raw materials, on our ‘Made in the UK’ page.

We hope you enjoy our prints and products, and invite you to follow us on our journey as we develop more prints and a wider range of products as time goes by. We also invite you to take part in our journey, to voice your opinion and desires, so we know what you’d like to see from us. We always appreciate your thoughts via social media or email, and hope that together we can create a visual empire of bold, thoughtful and sumptuous beauty.