Pink Bird Print Eye Mask ‘Rare Bird’


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Drift away in luxury bliss with our fabulous pink cotton and velvet bird print eye mask: ‘Rare Bird’. The ultimate luxury sleep or travel accessory.

Product Details:

Our colourful eye masks are digitally printed on the finest cotton half panama fabric.

We also back our bright sleep masks with sumptuous black velvet, which results in an extra soft feel. To make sure it stays safely in place we have also added a black velvet elastic.

With lovely dried lavender inside you are sure to drift soothingly off into relaxation heaven. We source all our lavender from the Cotswolds, where it is carefully hand picked.

Pink is the main background colour, with and addition of black, white, pink, red and yellow bird details.

We design our lovely cotton and velvet eye masks in London, and have them made in Wales. You can also read more about our transparent supply chain here.

Inspiration for Rare Bird:

Sensational women with great style serves as the inspiration for the print. As a result, a variety of fabulous femmes from the past and present feature, and they bring a whole lot of sass.

These women are represented in the form of four real birds. Starting with Isabella Blow (the cockatoo) and Frida Kahlo (the toucan). Isabella Blow was a fabulous stylist and arts patron who championed the late Alexander McQueen. Her husband also used to call her a rare bird, hence the name of the print. Frida Kahlo was a remarkable Mexican painter, which is why we have included her paintbrushes and iconic floral headdress. Marchesa Luisa Casati (the rockhopper penguin) and Dita Von Teese (the puffin) also make a star appearance. Luisa Casati was a wonderfully eccentric 19th century arts muse, and she loved jewels and beads, hence her ‘hair’ in the print. Lat but not least, Dita is a world renowned old-hollywood-glamour Burlesque star, which is why she has half-moon manicure nails, a beauty mark, and fabulous jewels.

You can read more about our Rare Bird print here:


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