Floral Print Tea Towel ‘Deadly Bloom’ Black


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Our floral print Tea Towel ‘Deadly Bloom’ Black is made from the finest cotton satin, giving it superb absorbent qualities as well as a luxurious and smooth finish.

It measures 47cm x 70cm, and has a hanging loop for your convenience. Also, due to the nature of the satin weave and the 100% cotton used, it might occur that some of our tea towels are not an exquisitely perfect rectangle.

This decadent print is inspired by some of the world’s deadliest flowers, namely the Deadly Nightshade, the ancient Roman emperors’ (or their respective family members) favourite choice when it came to assassinate each other, the Poison Hemlock that killed Socrates, and the delicate yet infamous Opium Poppy, which story of destruction and delight still casts a powerful spell. A deliciously dark and dramatic display of opulence and decadence.

Designed and made in the UK.

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