Sustainable design, eco friendly, ethically made etc…These are words that now flood the marketplace, and sometimes have vague credibility or meaning. The fear is that it is used as an empty marketing ploy, which is good for awareness but does nothing to promote real change.

Here is what sustainability means to HoH founder Aase Hopstock:

Sustainability and ethics go hand in hand and includes paying attention to production, materials, work process, packaging and waste, longevity of product, ability to repair, and giving back. It also means being transparent and honest with your customers.


In terms of production this means sourcing it as locally as possible so that you have an awareness of both working conditions, health and safety, waste management and other environmental factors, as well as reducing emissions from shipping. Sustainability is also about work force and craft, about people and skills.


I am proud to say that the velvet we use is woven on Britain’s last remaining velvet mill. Our china is decorated in Stoke on Trent, which is the heart of the UK pottery industry, and expert hands in family owned businesses supply us with the most gorgeous wares. I am excited to say we will be launching a VEGAN mug range in 2021. In terms of materials it is important that I know where the fabrics we use are produced, and to keep pushing the suppliers to offer more recycled and unbleached options, as well as fibres such as hemp and bamboo. All our packaging is unbleached, recycled and recyclable, likewise for our shipping materials, which are recyclable or biodegradable. All waste, which is as little as possible, from the studio and design process is recycled.


All our products are meant to be permanent, so nothing is ever ‘last season’ and therefore suddenly disposable. They are meant to bring you joy today, tomorrow, forever. Which is why we don’t offer new designs or products every few months, and why our products are in the premium bracket. Buy less, buy better. And if something breaks or becomes worn we urge you to contact us for help with repairs, because we believe that mending is vital, not just for our products but for all areas of our lives – do not toss something away simply because it is chipped or cracked, make an effort to mend or upcycle it instead.


Lastly, I am very conscious that any brand involved in production has an impact on society and the environment, and I would like that impact to be as positive and gentle as possible. I want to be able to support some of the habitats I take creative inspiration from, which is why 10% of all sales from our Fatal Attraction collection are donated to the Rainforest Trust, supporting Amazon rainforest regeneration projects.